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We have helped many many thousands of families achieve what they themselves called "breakthroughs." Now you can learn in your own home how to achieve these results, with help from our award-winning program developed with Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. (UCLA), a nationally acclaimed master teacher of parenting.

Breakthrough Parenting is nothing short of brilliant. 
I had power struggles with my six year-old son on a daily basis, which have now been completely eliminated. Your techniques allow for a child’s individuality to shine through in addition to the discipline necessary to give them the skills to learn and to develop good values. Breakthrough Parenting has made an incredible difference in my life!

~Mindy Dadon, Los Angeles,Calif.                     

Dr. Major's Ph.D. research set out to find out what really works in real families. After many years of research, a comprehensive parenting program was developed based on recent findings in psychology. Continuous practical improvement came from experience with helping 15,000 parents move their families from struggle to cooperation, with now happy, cooperative, responsible and self-disciplined children.

I believe it is the best parenting program available today. It is a brilliant, comprehensive approach that goes beyond the teaching of techniques. It provides a clear understanding of childrearing/psychology and human relationships.

~Sally Hackman, Ph.D., MFT, CBPI, Santa Monica, Calif.

Most parenting programs teach you how to deal with your kids, but Breakthrough Parenting teaches you how to be with your kids.

~Lois Soncrant, CBPI, CHS, Everett, Wash.

I wanted and needed to be more to my children than a weekend father. I was actually scared to death of losing them and their love. I was in a difficult situation with their mother. I felt powerless and without any control. Everything was negative and I desperately needed help.

Suddenly, there were answers, clearly defined ways of dealing with everyday childrearing. Breakthrough Parenting took the confusion and mystery out of how to parent. I could see immediate results in the kids' behavior. I now see a real trust in their eyes, and we have fun when we are together!

~Jeff Oakes, Burbank, Calif.

Here's what you get in the Breakthrough Parenting Advanced Parenting Program:

1. Three Approaches to Raising Children—the traditional authoritarian and permissive approaches, a new way based on recent psychological research

2. Making the Shift—how to become inner-directed, prevent the victim syndrome, teach children how to take responsibility, change polarized thinking, use the power of positive thinking, influence children, set personal boundaries, and understand the cycle of change in a child's life

3. Understanding the Source of Behavior—how to see what creates a certain behavior; the underlying thoughts, feelings and needs

4. Teaching Responsibility—how to develop self-responsibility in children, and how to solve any family problem in six steps

5. Helping Children Build Healthy Self-Esteem—how to recognize destructive and constructive labels, inspire children to do better, and show that mistakes can be valuable

6. Communicating Effectively—how to handle disciplinary situations with 90% less stress; how to use the power of receptive listening, build trust, and avoid the “accusatory you”

7. Influencing Children Positively—how to build on children's natural way of learning, how to used different leadership styles

8. Problems with Punishment—differences between verbal and physical punishment, understand the differences between discipline and punishment

9. Discipline with Love—how to clarify agreements, how to address different behavior problems, how to use natural consequences that children can understand, how to plan ahead to prevent problems before they occur ,handle temper tantrums effectively at any age

10. How Children Think—how play is a child’s work, the multi-faceted mind, how to find your child's particular strengths (this is one of the most appreciated parts of this program)

11. Learning to Love—how children develop from birth to young adult

12. Reducing Stress in the Family—how to accept children as they are, and understand the specific needs of each of us
13. Resolving Family Conflicts—how to identify conflict, use the four most effective conflict resolution strategies ,use H.A.L.T. to reduce stress and anger, and build closeness

14. Talking about Sensitive Subjects—how to do it effectively with our seven guidelines, how to really understand teenagers, how to deal with life-threatening issues for teens

15. Living a Self-Actualized Life—how to set useful family goals, live consciously, how to help your children make truly life-altering choices, how to teach your children to recognize the consequences of our choices

The real-life examples in the Breakthrough Parenting Advanced Parenting Program come from actual,
real-life families in Breakthrough Parenting classes over the last 19 years. Most of these were difficult cases, and quite a few families didn't even have the support of both parents, either due to one parent being absent, or being present but not cooperating. The biggest challenges were often in cases of parental alienation, when one parent was working hard to turn the children against the other parent. Numerous such situations have been reversed with this very powerful and comprehensive program.

These are the key parts of the Breakthrough Parenting Advanced Parenting Program:

1. The Breakthrough Parenting Textbook

A team of educators, editors and illustrators spent several years making this fun text book as clear and easy-to-read as humanly possible.

Many parents have told us, "I couldn’t put it down. I have never seen anything else that explains so clearly what really goes on in families, and what to do about it!"

You will learn how to form a new relationship with your children, how to develop their strengths and how to get them to cooperate in ways you never thought possible. The numerous real-life examples make it easy for you to see how to use Breakthrough Parenting in your own family, and the comprehensive index makes it easy to find anything you may looking for.

2. The Breakthrough Parenting Workbook
This book is based on 30 years of experience with showing parents how to move their families from struggle to cooperation. In the textbook, you learned about the sources of the many kinds of family problems; in the workbook you now find out you how to immediately use the very powerful Breakthrough Parenting techniques in your own family.

Everything in the workbook is based on solid research and has been used by many thousands of parents. Every paragraph is as clear as we could make it, and there is no "fluff" or "pop psychology."

Many parents have said to us wishfully, "If we had had this material ten years ago, our family life would have been completely different."

Click here to order the complete Breakthrough Parenting Advanced Parenting Program with Letter of Completion
for $250.00 + $10.70 USPS Priority Mail shipping through our secure server

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and the court acceptance of your Letter of Completion is also 100% guaranteed!

100% Risk-Free Trial: Try it with your own children in your own home; if you don't find yourself absolutely 100% satisfied, contact us within 30 days for return instructions and to get an immediate full refund including the shipping cost!

We often get calls from grateful parents who after struggling with their teens for 6 - 12 months were able to turn their kids around within 48 hours after receiving this program! These parents were able to do it with no threats, no yelling, and with the kids actually learning something positive from it, so that they behaved well even when the parents weren't there! How much would that be worth to you?

Click here to order the complete Breakthrough Parenting Advanced Parenting Program with Letter of Completion for $250.00 + $10.70 USPS Priority Mail shipping through our secure server

We accept Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover, as well as US$ checks and money orders. We can also accept PayPal payments on request, please e-mail or call us.

Our 100% Guarantee: You will see great results with your own children and enjoy 100% satisfaction, or return it within 30 days for an immediate full refund.

How does it work?
We send you the materials immediately. You go through and complete the very clear materials and send them to us. We verify the completion, schedule a one hour Coaching Call where we go through your situation together, and issue your personalized Letter of Completion, returning everything to you postpaid.

Several parents have completed the Advanced Parenting Program over an extended weekend (uninterrupted!). They were very happy about how it far exceeded their expectations in terms of how it helped them with difficult custody related problems, and with substantial parental alienation issues.

Mrs. B.H. of Woodstock, VT wrote to us:"Thanks so much for creating this program. It was life-changing!"

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